Dynamic Light

Portable multicolor light source with integrated battery and remote controller in endurant, waterproof case with 5 in 1 accessories kit

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Alex Tyshchenko,

Sproot Tech was created for making innovative light products with wide possibilities. Optimize lighting products to improve its efficiency and reduce cost.

Upgrade your photos with UniColor

Lighting is the most overlooked aspect of photography by beginner photographers, but professional photographers are obsessed with it.

  • Full Color – RGBW LED
  • 400 Pre-installed patterns
  • 20 meter range remote controller
  • 8h integrated battery
  • Lightweight, endurant, waterproof case
  • Accessories Kit 5 in 1

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Perfect engineering solutions

ParametesUniColorUniColor Pro
Pixel quantity4896
Brightness900 LM1800 LM
Pixel colorRGBW(5000K)RGBW(5000K)
20% discount

The best LED stick on market

LED Components

Based on RGBW Led crystals with full color reproduction

  • Each segment of 1 pixel has a built-in microcircuit - the driver (IC)
  • High PWM frequency, results in lower flicker levels at low brightness
  • The adressing timing of the SK6812 is 440 ns
  • Its smart pixel Led allows you to get 16 million colors
  • The pixel chip enables automatic pixel addressing


Easy in use with simple touch:

  • Based on Radio Frequency (RF) system. Control your Led bar with remote panel.
  • Working on MCU - STM32
  • Programmed on language C
  • Input DC5V
  • Patterns quantity in memory is over 400
  • Memory function
  • Controller and remote panel lock/un-lock
  • functionFull colors support 16million. Using HEX colors code (#FFFF66, #CC66FF)
  • Controller Size 60X10x5mm
  • Low side not transmit light


It’s one piece of double sided Acrylic glass tube:

  • Li-lon accumulators 18650 3,7V 2200mAh
  • Separate PCB board with DC-DC converter
  • Build-in charging control
  • 8h working time for UniColor
  • 4h for UniColor Pro on the maximum brightness
  • Simple USB charging

Durable case

It’s one piece of double sided Acrylic glass tube:

  • Upper side is light dispersing
  • Low side not transmit light

Water resistant

Rain is not an obstacle for you when you taking pictures or leave light outside.

  • From both sides Case closed by screw caps with sealed gaskets
  • You can use it under the water at a depth of 10 meters

Compatible with standard accessories

From the outer side, caps have a female thread with the standard diameter of 1/4 inch (6.35 millimeters)

Use on a tripod


Hang your UniColor anywhere


Thrust into the ground, sand

Phone Holder

Turn UniColor in selfie stick

Adjustable strap

Make your hands free. Have space for each accessory. Suitable for music festival participants, outside event

Solar panel compatible

With 5V charging current, you can easily connect it to a small solar panel

Suitable for camping, caves exploring, archaeological excavations, rescue operations after earthquakes, storms, collapses in mines

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